Sound Therapy Certification

Explore the therapeutic power of sound in our Science-Based Sound Therapy course. Discover the physiological and psychological impacts of sound on the human body, and learn practical techniques for promoting healing and well-being.

Module 1 The Science of Sound
Unit 1 Sound Therapy and Its Medical Applications  
Unit 2 Cymatics  
Unit 3 Sound Waves  
Unit 4 Music Theory & Sound Physics  
Unit 5 Tuning Systems  
Unit 6 Exploring Musical Intervals  
Unit 7 The Interplay of Sound, Therapy, and Perception  
Module 2 Instruments and Tools
Unit 1 The voice  
Unit 2 Tuning Forks  
Unit 3 Bowls  
Unit 4 Drums  
Unit 5 Gong  
Unit 6 The Didgeridoo  
Unit 7 Shakers, Rattles, and Tingshas  
Unit 8 Introduction to Exploring the Sonic Landscape: From Nature to Technology  
Module 3 Becoming a Sound Therapist
Unit 1 Mastering Sound Frequencies in Therapy  
Unit 2 Harmonics, Activating and Calming sound  
Unit 3 Sound Dynamics and Your Therapy Library  
Unit 4 Integrating Modalities and Atmosphere  
Unit 5 The Client Intake  
Unit 6 How to Plan A Sound Therapy Session  
Unit 7 Group Sound Baths  
Unit 8 Medical and Legal Considerations  
Module 4 Time to test your knowledge!
Unit 1 Instructions for the Sound Therapy Certification Exam and Assignment