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International Online Accredited Certification

Endorsed by the Complementary Therapist Association, the IOCE Sound Therapy Certification is recognized world wide. Acquiring international certification enhances your global standing, ensuring adherence to accepted standards. Broaden your career opportunities across a diverse array of worldwide markets.

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This course instructs you on the path to becoming a proficient sound therapist or sound healer. Dive deep into the world of sound and discover how to offer clients an unparalleled sound journey and experience. The curriculum offers in-depth insights into utilizing different sound therapy tools, along with guidance on conducting both group sound baths and one-on-one sessions.

A Robust Foundation in Scientific Principles

The IOCE certification stands out for its rigorous focus on the science underpinning sound therapy. Students will embark on a deep exploration of the intricate physics governing sound waves, and stay abreast of cutting-edge research that sheds light on the profound ways in which sound frequencies interact with and influence both our physiological and psychological states. It is a transformative experience for those seeking to understand and utilize sound therapy at its most effective levels

Online delivery on your schedule

Accessible anytime, anywhere. This program is ideally suited for individuals who aspire to gain an in-depth comprehension of the role of sound as a potent healing instrument. The course delivers a learning experience that is firmly rooted in evidence-based principles of sound therapy.

Our students

The course draws participants from a wide range of professions, each intrigued by the therapeutic capabilities of sound. It sees enrollment from yoga instructors, Reiki specialists, psychotherapists, massage therapists, and energy healing practitioners. These professionals seek to incorporate sound healing methodologies into their respective practices, thus broadening their therapeutic toolkit. Students learn relevant terminology, industry knowledge, and an understanding of diverse therapeutic strategies. Including a comprehensive overview of the sound therapy industry, ensuring they can interact professionally with clients. 



In part one we will explore the basics of sound physics, differentiating between concepts like travelling and standing waves, and the speed of sound. Moreover, we’ll also delve into the more technical parts of the curriculum, providing a clear overview of music theory fundamentals such as harmonics, overtones, and resonance. The course encompasses the following modules:

  • Sound therapy and sound therapy theory
  • Applications of sound in medicine
  • Sonocytology – the study of the sounds of a cell
  • Cymatics – sound made visual
  • What is sound – vibration and waves
  • Sound physics & music theory
  • Tuning systems
  • Musical intervals
  • Effects of sound on the body
  • Vibroacoustic therapy (VAT)
  • Music therapy, psychoacoustics & Tomatis Method


In part two we will introduce you to a range of commonly used tools in the realm of sound therapy. We offer insights into selecting these tools and share widely adopted techniques for their application in therapeutic scenarios. Upon grasping these foundational elements, you’ll be well-prepared to employ various instruments within the sphere of sound therapy. While numerous free YouTube videos can teach you how to play various instruments—including bowls and tuning forks—sound therapy extends beyond this. Although these instruments are relatively easy to learn, truly impactful sound therapy requires a deeper understanding and practice built upon a solid scientific foundation. The course encompasses the following modules:

  • The Voice: toning, chanting & mantras
  • Tuning forks & tuning series
  • Tibetan & crystal Bowls
  • Drums
  • Gongs
  • The Didgeridoo
  • Shakers and rattles
  • Tingshas
  • Sounds of nature
  • Binaural beats & signal generators
  • White, pink, or brown noise
  • Sound Design, synthesized sounds and DAWS


In part three we shall investigate the intricacies of odd and even harmonics, as well as calming and activating sounds, along with their appropriate application. We shall delve into a more profound understanding of the sound envelope, volume, and the impact of a gradual fade. This part of the course is aimed at equipping you with the necessary tools to structure your first session efficiently, sparking creativity, and ensuring an optimal experience for your clients, encouraging their return for subsequent sessions.The course encompasses the following modules:

  • The power of your Intention and emotions
  • Using frequencies
  • Using harmonics, activating and calming sounds
  • Volume and the slow fade
  • Building a sound library
  • Supplementing your sessions with other treatments
  • The sound therapy session, space and atmosphere
  • Client Intake
  • Medical and legal considerations
  • Designing a session
  • Starting a sound therapy business

Course Registration

Upon registration, we will send you an email granting access to your exclusive student portal. This portal will allow you to download the accompanying the course manual.

Assessment and grading

Multiple-choice quizzes will be administered throughout the course. To pass, you must achieve at least an 80% grade, but you can retake the quizzes as needed. The examination includes eight detailed open-ended questions that comprehensively assess your understanding of sound therapy’s practices, principles, and scientific foundations. For your assignment, you are to submit five case studies that document sound therapy sessions you have conducted with friends, family, or existing clients. This will provide a practical showcase of your application of sound therapy principles. Upon successful completion and review of these requirements, you will receive an email confirming your course completion, and your certification diploma will be automatically issued.


What’s required to receive a sound therapy certification?

The sound therapy certification requirements include completing 30 video lessons. Studying the accompanying course textbook, completing the practice quizzes, passing the final exam, and completing the case study assignment.

How long does it take to complete the course?

Some students complete the course in as little as 30 to 60 days. Depending on your schedule, your goals, the way you study, and how long you take to complete your case studies.

Where is this certification valid?

You can practise anywhere in the world with this certification. This is an accredited course through the Complementary Therapists Accredited Association. The IOCE sound therapy certification curriculum is comprehensive and science-based.

Is this course conducted via zoom

No, this course has prerecorded videos that are visual representations of the materials in the textbook. The instructor is available to answer any of your questions before, during, and after you have completed your certification. We provide ongoing support to our students, including marketing advice. Our mission is to see you succeed!

Do I need to own a set of bowls or instruments at start of the program?

You do not need instruments to begin the course; however, it’s advisable that once you have selected the instruments or tools you are most attracted to, you acquire them to use in your case studies. The course will provide information on how to use the instruments, including buying tips.

Do I need a formal education in music in order to be a sound therapist?

Although beneficial, you do not need any previous experience with playing an instrument or reading music in order to be a sound therapist or to successfully complete this certification.

How long do I have access to course materials?

You have unlimited access to this course.

Can I retake the test?

Yes you can retake the test as many times as is necessary.

What are case studies?

Case studies are simply five reports on sound therapy sessions you give to friends, family or clients.


“This knowledge offered to practitioners of these subjects is priceless. The presentation is not boring and it is written with deliberate educational information which feeds the hunger for even the most disconnected student who could still learn from this material. I am personally more than appreciative. Many thanks. My rating is A+ and many thanks.”

Carol Winger

“I really like the way the course is organized keeping you clear and able to go back to go deeper in a module. It definitely opens the door for anyone interested in sound healing. I found myself now in a journey of exploring and also intent to go deeper in healing sound of binaural beats. I highly recommend any beginner to take this course it will definitely put them on the right track like a great starting point. Thank you so much! sound healing is a gift and so needed in the times we live in more than ever!”

Dave Moorer

“I love how in depth yet simplified it is. It allows you to take hold and go while encouraging you to utilize the knowledge, science, and your instinct I love it!!!!!”

Linda Harrisr

“Was very informative. I actually learned a lot and expanded my knowledge and vocabulary. Great Job!”

J. Nguyenr

“It’s an amazing conglomeration of information I think for me it moves to fast. There is no time to take notes other than that great!”

Fernando Hernandez

“It was great to learn of the history in the sections and overview, also thank you for providing the additional PDF’s for my use..”

Latecia Thomas

“This course for the money is well worth it. Lots of relevant info with additional material to research on your own for more in depth studies.”

Amy Walker

“The scope of the program represent a wide perspective of the history of Sound Healing without venture deeply in the practice of any instrument in particular, the certification promote a fresh scientific look at different modalities that complement human health. For of all of these I value greatly this certification, and I express my deepest gratitude to the Institute of Concious Evolution for their contribution to human well being.”

Kevin Lee

“The course was easy to navigate, interesting and kept me engaged. It was too overwhelming which I greatly appreciated while providing all vital information to allow the student to expand on this craft. I appreciate all the support I received. Natasha was very responsive and professional. Thank you for giving others the opportunity to seek sound therapy awareness and to better guide the masses towards holistic healing and overall personal growth.”

Sandra Perez

100% Money Back Guarantee. Refund policy is applicable for a period of 7 days, provided the course has not been completed and the certification has not been issued.


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